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Special requirements for luxury good sector films

Professional video productions have to adjust to the characteristics of varying sectors.

The production has to represent the brand and its identity to create or strengthen the brand’s image on the consumer side. Only if a brand campaign is consistent with the positioning of the brand and its products, it can successfully create brand awareness, gain consumer´s trust and enhance purchase intention.

Especially high quality brands and their products require sophisticated product campaigns. Brands within the luxury good sector are not only liable to high quality standards, they also have to profoundly address the expectations of their customers. Especially brands with a long tradition have to meet the costumers’ expectations and maintain the brand’s positioning on the market.

Therefore, the communication of the brands’ characteristics and values need to integrate those requirements to appropriately represent the brand and its products.

Video production for Gübelin Gem Lab

The Gübelin Gem Lab as a Swiss institution with a long tradition and history operating in the sensitive gemstone industry is a brand that has to put special attention to their high-quality standards and their communication. With rising awareness for ethical and environmental standards on the consumers` side the need for communicating and explaining the production processes and provenance within the gemstone industry has grown. The Gübelin Gem Lab addressed the need for tracing technologies by inventing the innovative Emerald Paternity Test, the first patented technology to prove provenance of emeralds, that enables tracing emeralds to the original mine.

While creating a film for the Gübelin Gem Lab we took all the challenges of the industry into careful consideration and produced a film that enabled the company to present the values and history of their brand as well as to explain the innovative procedures of their new technology to their target groups. From the conception and storyboard to the filming and composition, Motionary focused on combining the tradition of the brand and its innovative technological approach. By including statements from the managing and scientific development side, customers can follow the brands’ development and its technical procedures behind their innovations. To make these processes more comprehensible we integrated state of the art 3D animations.

These visualizations complement scientific statements to enhance comprehensibility of complex contents. The combination of original video material of the production sites, statements of the management and the research executives as well as the 3D animations allowed us to create a brand film that reduces complexity of the sophisticated new technology, explains technical processes while at the same time approaching the luxury brand customers to present the insides of the brand and enhance the costumers trust.

If you have any further questions to this or other video productions of Motionary, please don`t hesitate to contact us.

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