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Using video content for brand building

For developing a new business, creating a brand with a unique image is essential. Creating a brand identity, which reflects what the brand stands for, builds the foundation of the brand positioning. The image of the brand should reflect this brand identity on the consumer side.

To build a sustainable image it is important for start-ups to clearly communicate the brand´s features, create brand awareness and to gain consumer´s trust. Therefore it is essential for new businesses and their products to gain the target groups ‘attention, by creating a memorable first brand experience for potential customers.

Positive and unique brand associations should be transported through brand communication as starting point of a successful image building process. The presentation of the brand should emphasize relevancy, show the brand as integral part of the consumers`s life and engage. Within digital media environments user engagement is key for a successful brand positioning.

Video content not only provides the opportunity to transport the brand´s features in a memorable way but also fosters interactivity and engagement. Especially start-ups can profit from a multiplatform distribution of video content to enhance the awareness of their brand within different digital environments. Multiplatform presentations have improved video immersion and brand experience for costumers.

A professional brand campaign can thus not only promote an initial interest in the brand but also a following purchase intention.

Motionary video production for Fotokite Our video for Fotokite shows a dynamic production for an innovative new brand. Fotokite is a new ETH spin-off located in Zurich. With their product Phi, the company developed an aerial video drone for the consumer market. The start-up has already received positive feedback for their business idea and collected half a million USD via crowdfunding. To successfully launch the product, Fotokite worked with Motionary to create a visual brand experience for their future costumers.

We provided Fotokite with a whole commercial production in only one week. The challenge was to work on a small budget with only little time available. Within three days the storyboard was created and the production including the casting of the actors was set up. Another three days of filming and cutting later the Fotokite Phi commercial was successfully produced. Our fast and reasonably priced production enables the start-up to launch their product in an affordable but professional way that can enhance the brand´s future success.

Our production reflects the brand´s claim Aeriel Filming Made Easy by showing the product and its usability in action. The video production not only provides potential users with the brand`s functionality and its advantages. Our storyboard also transported the lifestyle side of the product – the easy and fun use of an innovative product for everyone interested in capturing videos and creating lively memories.

The commercial thus is the perfect way for a young start-up to present its business and create brand awareness.

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